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"Arlandria Consulting is born of the vision that an open table encourages enduring solutions."


We've positively impacted corporations, NGOs and governmental organizations by bringing diverse stakeholders to the table to create and implement practical strategies.


This approach has allowed Arlandria Consulting members to facilitate multi-billion-dollar programs in support of over 100 international partners across five continents.  We have developed and implemented organizational strategy around the world.  Arlandria has engaged with senior governmental leaders across the globe, and successfully connected the dots between partner countries and government offices.

Whether you are examining internal or external challenges, we look forward to understanding how we can assist.  Contact us when you are ready to elevate your organization's performance to the next level!

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Jared has succeeded around the globe by translating his problem-solving skills across multiple domains, from operational project management to executive leadership and national-level policy development.

Jared grew up in the hills of Southwest Virginia with dreams of exploring the globe and the solar system beyond.  Throughout two decades in the U.S. Air Force, Jared refined his risk assessment and resource allocation skills as a fighter pilot, executive and political strategist.  He graduated into leadership of diverse organizations and elite teams, where he kept his dreams big and sharpened his ability to translate strategy into action.

Jared prides himself on his ability to develop a shared vision, foster a culture of trust and inclusiveness, and coach team members to reach their potential.  He is at his best when breaking down complex ideas into digestible chunks in order to enable decision-making and align messaging to internal and external stakeholders. 

Jared loves to experience live music with his family, especially when they pick up instruments and play together!  He volunteers his time with nature conservation and serves as a foster parent.

Founder and CEO

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What makes our team excited to jump out of bed?  

          So many things!  Here are a few:

- Animal Welfare & Social Justice

- Biodiversity & Coalition-Building

- Security Cooperation & Creating a Just Food System
- Developing Data-Driven Decision Frameworks

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